About The House: Hall Lighting

Hall lighting is hard. It is one of the most over used, under valued areas of the house. The walls are easily scuffed, shoes are left everywhere, and once you've struggled through with all the grocery bags, the hall is the last place you want to spend your time. Yet it is also the one [...]

Mita Corsini Bland’s Watercolour Interiors

Today's blog is on something slightly different. I recently came across watercolourist Mita Corsini Bland, and while her interiors are perhaps slightly grander than those that GoodbodyStudio has had the pleasure to work on, they are incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Born in New York and raised near Florence, Italy, Mita Corsini Bland paints delicate, evocative pictures [...]

Rigatoni Lights

Hello! Firstly, I'd like to thank all my new Instagram followers. We've only been on Instagram a few days and already we have some 60 followers, which is very exciting! You can take a look here: This post is dedicated to the lovely Rigatoni lights by the Hand and Eye Studio, whom I came [...]

Clerkenwell Design Week

Last week, I popped over to Clerkenwell Design Week. For three days a year, all the local design shops & firms in Clerkenwell throw open their doors to the public, and marquees are erected to showcase furniture makers, designers and brands from across the UK and the world in celebration of all that is Design. Of [...]


Hello! Welcome to the GoodbodySTUDIO blog. We haven't actually launched the company but I'm already starting on the blog -- which just shows how excited we all are about everything. The blog will try to bring you a little news about who we are and what the company is up to as well as things that inspire and interest us. I absolutely love furniture, so there [...]