About The House: Hall Lighting

Hall lighting is hard. It is one of the most over used, under valued areas of the house. The walls are easily scuffed, shoes are left everywhere, and once you’ve struggled through with all the grocery bags, the hall is the last place you want to spend your time. Yet it is also the one space that everyone uses consistently at least twice a day. The hall is the gateway to warmth and a cup of tea after a bitterly cold winter day, or to a glass of crisp white wine after work — it’s the entrance to your home. And, not to mention its also the first thing that guests see when they visit.

So it’s worth lighting your hall well. The question is, how?

LED downlights are of course often used. Their light is crisp and bright, they last for years, the flush fittings are very unobtrusive, and they can be relatively affordable.  They are particularly great for new builds, or newly renovated modern houses.

If however you’re after a pendant light, then the options become mind boggling. How much is really appropriate to spend on a pendant? They can easily range from £15 for a basic fitting (plus bulb and shade) up to £1000+ each.

Here are few pendant ideas I’ve come across recently. (What about wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps? I hear you say. Well maybe there’ll be another blog post soon…)


For Smaller Budgets: Habitat, ‘Liv’ glass pendants

At £30, these are very reasonably priced. The quality of the shade seems good and fairly robust, and the bubbled glass effect is pretty — I prefer this one to the milky white glass version. At 21.8cm in height they are well sized, and there is also a larger version at 33cm high which costs £65. They can take bulbs of up to 60W. W19.5 x H21.8 x D19.5cm, £30.

Lane By Post, Twin Tone Lampshade

This simple lampshade is made of two heavyweight pieces of paper of contrasting colours bonded together, one on the outside, on inside. The paper is produced by one of the oldest and last remaining speciality paper makers, based in the Lake District, before being finished in Nottingham. You can use them with table lamps as well as with pendants. W30 x H30cm, £65 (currently in the sale at £50).

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 15.20.48.png

Muuto Mattias Stahlbom, E27 Pendant Light

For something a bit more fun and exciting, look no further than these E27s. Get them to match your colour scheme – or play around with different colours! I particularly love the green one. You could also loop the cords from a central light fitting down the hall, using hooks in the ceiling, which could be cool. £65 (£55 in sale, either incandescent bulbs or LEDs)

For Medium Budgets: Jim Lawrence, Fulbourn Pendant

Price wise, these are a little step up from Habitat — but so they should be. The quality is great, and there’s lots of choice within each range: different coloured glass, different metal plating. These are dusky pink, with antiqued brass fittings, and I love them. The 4watt LED bulb is equivalent just to a 22 watt traditional bulb — so the output is warm and homely rather than bright and clear. £137 + 4W LED bulb

Do-Shop, Frederik Roije, Sliced Sphere Suspension Light

These would look great in a modern house. The sphere is sliced in two, so they appear to hover together, bound by a strip of light. Made of powder coated steel they are available in white, black, blue, green, brown and gold. W30 x H28cm, £200 + E27 – G45 bulb, maximum 40 W (not included)


For Bigger Budgets: Someday Designs, Vitamin, Cloak Lamp

These are in fact LEDs ,set in a beautiful oak or walnut sphere, and encased in a glass bell. Being LEDs means they’ll last forever (well, several years) and the light is powerful enough to be useful as well as elegant.  H 29 x diameter 14.3cm, £350 + GU10 LED bulb (not included)


The French House, Raw Brass Rise & Fall Light 

Alternatively, for a more industrial look, look no further than this Rise & Fall light. Available in Zinc, Copper or Raw Brass (as shown), these lights would work just as well in an old farmhouse as in a modern loftspace, or anywhere in between. And, of course, they are height adjustable. Shade diameter 15cm, £299 + E27 screw-in bulb, 60W max.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 09.39.37

And lastly, for the house of dreams, take a look at the beautiful work of Umut Yamac

For the princely sum of £3114, you can purchase your own flock of wonderful origami birds, perching on a branch. I can’t think of anything I’d rather have! W100 x D35 x H51cm, £3114

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 17.06.20

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